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Commemorate America’s Birthday with Symbolic Blooms

One of the most anticipated days of the summer is July 4th, also known as Independence Day or America’s birthday. It is often celebrated by hosting cookouts with friends, family, and neighbors, attending parades, watching fireworks, and consuming… Read More about Commemorate America’s Birthday with Symbolic Blooms »

Send a Gorgeous Bouquet of Red, White and Blue

As Fourth of July approaches, we think about all of our servicemen and women and friends and family in uniform. Pay tribute to these committed, patriotic individuals and show your own American spirit. For example, this is wonderful time to send a gorgeous bouquet of red, white and blue flowers to honor their lives of service. The floral designers at Campbell's Flowers have some amazing Fourth of July blooms. So, you can send patriotic flowers to anyone you know who will appreciate a tribute on the Fourth of July. These pieces also make excellent centerpieces for your Fourth of July get-together. Or , simply use them to decorate your home for this festive holiday. Read More about Send a Gorgeous Bouquet of Red, White and Blue »
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Be Summer Chic with Summer Blooms

With summer approaching it’s time to start lounging by the pool, enjoying longer days,  warmer weather and bright sunny skies. Whether you are taking it easy this summer or planning tons of festivities, there's a floral design out there for you and any activity you choose this summer. Surround yourself with the summer's best and brightest when you include gorgeous flowers in your decor. No matter what your plans may be, the floral designers at Campbell’s Flowers have something for you. We’ve created a gorgeous line of bright summer flowers to share with you for every summer occasion. Read More about Be Summer Chic with Summer Blooms »
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In Praise of Bees

As summer begins to turn into fall, gardens begin to take on a new look. Consider making a few small changes that will attract bees. In the past few decades, the U.S. has seen the bee population steadily decline by 30% every year. Bees are vital, not only to a balanced ecosystem, but also to the resources from which most of our food is derived. If bees continue to disappear, eventually so will our food. However, by including bee-friendly flowers and plants in your garden along with a bit of shade and some water, you will play an important role in saving the bees and increasing their population once again. Campbell’s Flowers encourages you to consider some of our favorite bee-friendly arrangements to display on your porch or outdoor table, as well. Read More about In Praise of Bees »
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Flowers In Every Room

Kitchens are often the main place in the home where social interactions meet memory-making activities. From cooking and baking endeavors to sharing a bottle of wine, the kitchen is the social center of the home. Decorate this special space with gorgeous blooms from Campbell’s Flowers that enhance and complete the entire feel of such an inviting room. Talk to our floral experts today about the best arrangement for you. Read More about Flowers In Every Room »
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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance…And Flowers

Whether you are hoping to create a quiet, romantic dinner for two, or you are hosting a formal dinner party with many guests, the way you design your table says it all. Just like first impressions matter, the look of your table will make a statement long before your first course is served. The colors you choose, the layout of the fine china and sparking crystal, the candles and flowers all work together to bring your guests into a festive mood. At Campbell’s Flowers, we believe the right flowers always set the tone and top off the look of any well-decorated table beautifully. Read More about A Marvelous Night For A Moondance…And Flowers »
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Our Picks For Early Summer Flowers

As summer approaches, our thoughts turn to bright colors, sunny skies, and warm island breezes. While you may not travel to the tropics this season, you can make decorating for summer simple and elegant by including bright floral arrangements inspired by rich island foliage. Adding a few fresh and colorful blooms throughout your home will bring this bright season inside in unique and artful ways. Campbell’s Flowers is preparing now for the summer season and we invite you to keep an eye out for some of our upcoming arrangements in our summer selection. We’ll have a wide variety of arrangements and designs to inspire summer decorating. Read More about Our Picks For Early Summer Flowers »
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Romance Month Arrangements & Bouquets

National Romance Month is a time to stop and reflect on how romantic you've been since Valentine's Day and perhaps crank it up a notch. Sometimes in life, even the most romantic of souls get sidetracked by busy schedules and pressing issues, so Romance Month is the perfect time to give your relationship the attention, care, and romantic gestures that it deserves. Whether you have a significant other, are beginning a new relationship, or have been married for decades, everyone can benefit from a little more love and romance this August. To give you some inspiration, the experts at Campbell's Flowers are sharing the best flowers to celebrate Romance Month and a little romantic trivia. Read More about Romance Month Arrangements & Bouquets »