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Array of Specialty Gift Baskets

Although we all know that flower shops specialize in beautiful floral arrangements, have you ever thought of the variety of options that are available when you need that special gift? If you are looking for a unique way to show someone just how much they mean to you, a gift basket will make just the statement you are looking for. Why not browse the array of specialty baskets available at Campbellā€™s Flowers? You are sure to find something to fabulous! Read More about Array of Specialty Gift Baskets »
Posted by campbellsflowers on July 8, 2019 Gift Baskets Housewarming Gifts

Gift Baskets for Hospitable Hosts

Don't arrive empty-handed to Thanksgiving this year. Even if you're bringing a side item for the table, it's customary to offer a host or hostess gift as well. After all, there's no more elaborate dinner than Thanksgiving, when both planning and execution are at their most demanding. We here at Campbell's Flowers believe that a gift basket communicates gratitude for your host's efforts and encourages them to do something nice for themselves after the holiday onslaught is over. Picnic by the fire anyone? Read More about Gift Baskets for Hospitable Hosts »
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