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Be Summer Chic with Summer Blooms

With summer approaching it’s time to start lounging by the pool, enjoying longer days,  warmer weather and bright sunny skies. Whether you are taking it easy this summer or planning tons of festivities, there's a floral design out there for you and any activity you choose this summer. Surround yourself with the summer's best and brightest when you include gorgeous flowers in your decor. No matter what your plans may be, the floral designers at Campbell’s Flowers have something for you. We’ve created a gorgeous line of bright summer flowers to share with you for every summer occasion. Read More about Be Summer Chic with Summer Blooms »
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Fresh, White Flowers For Labor Day

While we all love bright, bold colors in our decorating plans, consider trying a fresh approach by choosing a monochromatic approach to decorating. Using only or mostly one color to decorate an entire room is a bold move that can have dramatic results. Using only white to decorate a room in your home or office can allow for a pop of color here and there, or simply provide a fresh, clean look to any space. The floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers have many all-white arrangements that will have a big impact to all who see them. Read More about Fresh, White Flowers For Labor Day »
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In Praise of Bees

As summer begins to turn into fall, gardens begin to take on a new look. Consider making a few small changes that will attract bees. In the past few decades, the U.S. has seen the bee population steadily decline by 30% every year. Bees are vital, not only to a balanced ecosystem, but also to the resources from which most of our food is derived. If bees continue to disappear, eventually so will our food. However, by including bee-friendly flowers and plants in your garden along with a bit of shade and some water, you will play an important role in saving the bees and increasing their population once again. Campbell’s Flowers encourages you to consider some of our favorite bee-friendly arrangements to display on your porch or outdoor table, as well. Read More about In Praise of Bees »
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Transport Yourself To The Islands Through Flowers

They say that anticipating a memorable event like a honeymoon or anniversary trip, and then reminiscing about it later, is just as important to make it special as the event itself. Maybe it’s been a while since you had the chance to getaway. Or maybe you’re planning a fabulous vacation soon. Whether you’re remembering or anticipating the event, Campbell’s Flowers suggests sending flowers from your fabulous destination to help you go there in your mind. Read More about Transport Yourself To The Islands Through Flowers »
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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance…And Flowers

Whether you are hoping to create a quiet, romantic dinner for two, or you are hosting a formal dinner party with many guests, the way you design your table says it all. Just like first impressions matter, the look of your table will make a statement long before your first course is served. The colors you choose, the layout of the fine china and sparking crystal, the candles and flowers all work together to bring your guests into a festive mood. At Campbell’s Flowers, we believe the right flowers always set the tone and top off the look of any well-decorated table beautifully. Read More about A Marvelous Night For A Moondance…And Flowers »
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Summer Delphinium for July Birthdays

The cool blue shades of the most popular varieties of delphinium are a welcome relief in the heat of summer here in Pueblo. The July birth flower is serene and beautiful, adding unique blue tones to summer floral arrangements and birthday bouquets. Here at Campbell's Flowers, we have everything you need for your summer celebrations. Whether you are searching for the perfect birthday flowers, or simply need a gorgeous design to place in the middle of your picnic table - consider this blue beauty.  Read More about Summer Delphinium for July Birthdays »
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Bright Summer Flowers for this Season’s Parties

It's summer in Pueblo, and things are heating up! We all enjoy this special time of year - the pace seems to slow down just a bit, and the extended daylight hours afford us the opportunity to get together more often with friends and loved ones. As you begin to plan your summer gatherings,  don't forget to call Campbell's Flowers! Summer flowers add vibrant color and seasonal style to your dinner table and the perfect choice for outdoor party decor. Whether you like casual barbecues or prefer elegant gourmet meals under the stars, we have a floral bouquet ideal for the occasion. So tell us - what is your Pueblo summer style? We would love to help you achieve it through flowers.  Read More about Bright Summer Flowers for this Season’s Parties »
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