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A Savvy Guide to Receiving “Just Because” Blooms from Your Partner

Receiving flowers from your partner can make you feel exceptional. Whether it’s your favorite blooms or ones with symbolic meanings, flowers offer numerous benefits. They contribute to our well-being, remind us of nature’s beauty, and add sophistication to any space. Their pleasant fragrance can uplift our mood and strengthen our romantic bonds.

That’s why people give flowers on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes you deserve a bouquet “just because” accompanied by a meaningful message. At Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo, Colorado, let our blossom experts help make your floral dreams to reality.

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. Your birthday is coming up and you want to be celebrated
  2. It’s your pup’s birthday and you want to celebrate together
  3. You completed a half marathon for the first time
  4. Friday nights are officially “flower time” in your home
  5. On National Compliment Day you want a tangible one
  6. You got good health news from your doctor
  7. You learned how to ride a bicycle for the first time
  8. You got an important project done at school
  9. Your partner had a hard week but you cheered them up
  10. You’re coming home from the hospital after having a baby
  11. You got a major promotion at your job
  12. You didn’t get promoted and it’s hard to smile
  13. It’s National Girlfriend Day and you want to be recognized
  14. Instead of letting your fear of heights win, you did the hike
  15. It’s Womencrush Wednesday and flowers make you feel special
  16. You’ll be the responsible one at home while your partner travels
  17. You went on a long trip together and are finally home again
  18. You finally got the apartment of your dreams 
  19. Your spring cleaning efforts deserve recognition
  20. You got through a seriously taxing home renovation

How to Drop Hints

  1. Share something you like about someone else’s flowers.
  2. Leave subtle hints by leaving magazines with flower arrangements open around the house.
  3. Comment on how beautiful the flower arrangements are at weddings or events.
  4. Tell them straightforwardly, “I’d really appreciate it if we could have fresh flower arrangements in the house.” There is about a 50% chance they’ll understand.
  5. Make another attempt and ensure they fully grasp what you’re saying. Maintain eye contact, and communicate with a serious expression, “I want to express the importance of surprises and receiving flowers to me. It would genuinely make me happy to receive a floral arrangement every month. I’ve already set a notification on your calendar.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. The hint you gave to your partner wasn’t successful
  2. Being single is a reason to celebrate yourself with flowers
  3. You finally got to finalize the divorce
  4. You loved how Cher Horowitz sent herself flowers in Clueless
  5. You have an expensive bottle of wine to enjoy
  6. Your hair looks the best it has in a long time
  7. They would make that mani-pedi look even better
  8. You managed to save up for something and want to celebrate
  9. It’s Friday night and flowers would get you in the weekend spirit
  10. You’re observing self-care Sunday
  11. A Miley Cyrus song gave you inspiration
  12. You got the house clean — finally
  13. You redecorated and flowers would bring out the new colors
  14. You are having a kid-free weekend
  15. Your day was just great and this would top it off
  16. You need cheering up after a bad day
  17. You missed out on getting Taylor Swift tickets and are bummed
  18. Another daylight savings is in the books and you’re glad
  19. You want to get into the summertime spirit
  20. Your favorite blooms are in season and you want some indoors, too

You don’t need to wait for a single day in February to be surprised with a magical flower arrangement that makes your soul sing. The seasoned professionals here at Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo, Colorado know that, so let our savvy tips guide you to floral abundance all year round “just because.”