Floral FAQs For You

Receiving a bouquet of flowers, whether for a special occasion or “just because,” is something you want to remember. Preserving flowers for as long as possible is a great way to honor the occasion and the sender at the same time! The floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers have great advice about how to keep your flowers as fresh and beautiful as the day you received them.

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Transport Yourself To The Islands Through Flowers

They say that anticipating a memorable event like a honeymoon or anniversary trip, and then reminiscing about it later, is just as important to making it special as the event itself. Maybe it’s been a while since you had the chance to get away. Or maybe you’re planning a fabulous vacation soon. Whether you’re remembering or anticipating the event, Campbell’s Flowers suggests sending flowers from your fabulous destination to help you go there in your mind.

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Celebrating Freedom Through Flowers

For Americans, the Fourth of July is an opportunity to remember the freedom we exercise on a daily basis and thank those who have fought for and defended it. Getting together with veterans and active service men and women is truly an honor. This year, make these get-togethers even more meaningful with beautiful decorations to compliment the food and drinks. Campbell’s Flowers has a wide variety of colorful summer flowers that make a bold statement about the liberty we so passionately celebrate this month.

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A Marvelous Night For A Moondance…And Flowers

Whether you are hoping to create a quiet, romantic dinner for two, or you are hosting a formal dinner party with many guests, the way you design your table says it all. Just like first impressions matter, the look of your table will make a statement long before your first course is served. The colors you choose, the layout of the fine china and sparking crystal, the candles and flowers all work together to bring your guests into a festive mood. At Campbell’s Flowers, we believe the right flowers always set the tone and top off the look of any well-decorated table beautifully.

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Hearts Are Aglow This June

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love being with them all the time.”

-Julia Child

Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate the day you committed to the one you love. The two of you decided to journey through life together, committing to walk side by side through it all, and your anniversary is a day to be reminded of how far you’ve come. Giving gifts, spending time together, and taking a break from the daily routine are all great ways to celebrate everything you’ve been through together and the joy of what’s to come. At Campbell’s Flowers, we recommend sending or bringing a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the one you will walk beside through life.

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A Collectible For Father’s Day, Plus Flowers

“His heritage to his children wasn’t words or possessions, but an unspoken treasure, the treasure of his example as a man and a father.”
–Will Rogers, Jr. (1879–1935)

Fathers are those special men in our lives that have the high calling of raising children. The men we know that influence our kids and bring out their best deserve to be honored. This Father’s Day, think about all the men you know who are setting good examples to follow- husbands, brothers, fathers and sons are among those we can count on to teach our children by example. At Campbell’s Flowers, we have a wide variety of gifts and treats for you to send to the treasured men in your life.

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Flowers Fit For Your BFF

Our best friends are the people in our lives that we know best, love most and respect above all else. We value them and go to them with everything. We see them as the family we choose, and we choose our closest friends because they reflect a piece of us that we value in ourselves. Your best friend is the ying to your yang and this year on June 8th you have the opportunity to show her your appreciation. Best Friend’s Day is a great chance to tell your best friend how much you love her and her friendship. Campbell’s Flowers believes the best way to say “You’re the best!” is with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

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Our Picks For Early Summer Flowers

As summer approaches, our thoughts turn to bright colors, sunny skies, and warm island breezes. While you may not travel to the tropics this season, you can make decorating for summer simple and elegant by including bright floral arrangements inspired by rich island foliage. Adding a few fresh and colorful blooms throughout your home will bring this bright season inside in unique and artful ways. Campbell’s Flowers is preparing now for the summer season and we invite you to keep an eye out for some of our upcoming arrangements in our summer selection. We’ll have a wide variety of arrangements and designs to inspire summer decorating.

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White And Blue Memorial Day Flowers

Historically, Memorial Day was created as a day to honor and remember fallen American soldiers. Flowers have always played an integral role in this holiday. Created after the Civil War, this day was originally known as Decoration Day. Businesses across the nation would close for the day while citizens decorated the graves of soldiers and held prayer vigils. Today, we celebrate our brave men and women in uniform with parades, picnics and honorary ceremonies. At Campbell’s Flowers, we know exactly how to continue including flowers in these time-honored traditions.

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