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Decorating a Home Bursting with Holiday Hygge

Tis’ the season for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home to help bring the holidays to life. While our favorite vintage Satan Clause figurines and traditional green garland enhance the joy of the season, your friends here at Campbell’s Flowers, the best florist in Pueblo, are sharing tips on how to bring more warmth, comfort, simplicity, connection, and mindfulness into your holidays with hygge. This Danish artform has evolved into a new way to celebrate the holidays in ways that warm our hearts and bring us closer to our loved ones.

Five Ways to Bring Home Holiday Hygge

Burning candles and christmas decorations on wooden tray with warm plaid. Winter cozy style. Hygge concept.

Light Sweet Fragrant Candles

Lighting a candle serves many purposes, especially when creating a hygge environment. While the flame dances and flickers, or perhaps even create a subtle crackle or popping noise, its fragrance has the power to capture our attention. Hygge reminds us to be mindful and find delight in the smallest of moments, such as lighting a candle and enjoying its glow and scent.

Wooden bench stand in corner of room. Fir in black basket stand on it and firewood lays under it

Display Cozy Holiday Decor

Sometimes, decorating for the holidays can feel more like a chore and not synonymous with hygge. In the spirit of hygge, it is essential to remember that displaying your holiday decor should make you feel warm and fuzzy. Whether it’s making the decision to swap items that make you feel better or creating a new tradition of decorating with family and loved ones, find a new motivation for putting up decorations this year.

Christmas Poinsettia in ceramic pot. Christmas traditional red flower on the window

Admire Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Winter flowers, in colors of red and white with heaps of lush greenery, are an excellent way to inspire us to feel hygge in a fresh way. Their beauty, of course, is sure to enhance any space and add mood-boosting, comforting, peaceful, and natural elements. In addition to their sweet, subtle fragrance, flowers capture our attention and allow us to, quite literally, stop and smell the flowers. As our bouquet urges us to be present, mindful, and experience the simplicities of our day with gratitude, we find hygge.

Woman listening music, relaxing, enjoying life at home. Girl wearing warm winter clothes having fun. Turntable playing vinyl LP record. Leisure, Christmas time, lockdown, retro revival, lifestyle

Plat Soft Seasonal Music

Once the scene is set, it is time to set the tone with mood music. No matter your taste in music, the winter and holiday season is sure to have something that speaks to you. You certainly don’t have to listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat to put holiday cheer in the air. Choose something that makes you feel good, makes you want to dance, or relaxes you and eases away all tension. 

Group of friends laughing on Christmas Party

Fill Your Home with Loved Ones

The last piece to bringing hygge home for the holidays is sharing the season with loved ones. Inviting friends and family into your home to share in the little joys of this time of year will ensure your home is bursting with love, laughter, and comfort. Throughout the holiday season, enjoy the company of those near and dear to your heart as you make memories and establish new traditions you can look forward to year after year.

Whether you are hosting holiday festivities, entertaining guests, or enjoying quiet nights by the fire, filling your home with hygge is sure to make this year one of the best yet. Don’t forget to scout out the perfect winter flowers from the area’s best florist, Campbell’s Flowers, for the excellent finishing touches.