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Floral Expressions: Symbolic Stems for Every Family Member

Decode the secret language of flower symbolism with our ultimate guide to sending fresh blooms to the whole fam! Whether you’re crafting a “thanks for being so cool” to your parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, sending vibes of respect to your grandparents on Grandparent’s Day, or showing your sibs all the love on Siblings Day, there’s a bloom for that perfect message. Arrangements from Campbell’s Flowers, the top florist in Pueblo, do more than just sit pretty—they spill the tea on your true feelings.

Send Love & Gratitude to Your Parents

You don’t need an occasion like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to send your love and gratitude to your mom and dad. In fact, they probably deserve a “Thanks for putting up with me” a little more often! Ranunculus, lilies, and peachy blooms are the perfect little thank-you note, while peonies and roses are obvious symbols of love and affection.

Show Your Respect & Admiration for Grandparents

Show your respect and admiration for your grandparents by choosing classy blooms. Go elegant with orchids and irises, or bring a touch of spring into their home with bright, sunny daffodils! For a truly royal treatment on Grandparents’ Day, consider purple asters, which symbolize your admiration for their wisdom, patience, warmth, and unconditional love.

Celebrate the Cheerfulness & Wisdom of Aunts & Uncles

For your favorite cool aunts and uncles, pick a bouquet that reflects their cheerfulness and wisdom – because you always turn to them first for advice. Indigo flowers like thistle, anemone, iris, and delphinium are a totally gorgeous and special nod to all that spot-on advice! And because aunts and uncles are the ones who bring the fun to every family gathering, birds of paradise and sunny yellow stems are a perfect reflection of their bright personalities.

Thank Siblings & Cousins for Their Friendship & Strength

Sending flowers to your sibs and cousins? Make it an epic nod to your friendship and the strength they’ve passed down to you — what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? A bouquet of chrysanthemums and snapdragons represents resilience, while yellow flowers and alstroemeria stems symbolize your friendship and those unbreakable sibs of cousin bonds. Finally, toss in some eucalyptus for a fresh, cool vibe—because who doesn’t want their flower game to be as strong and fresh as their family ties?

Spread Peace & Positivity to Your Chosen Fam

For your chosen fam—the friends who always bring peace and positivity, no drama, just good times—send a bouquet that mirrors their sunny spirits. Mix sunflowers and hydrangeas for a serene, uplifting feel, capturing the calm and comfort they bring into your life. Add some bright gerbera daisies to sprinkle in that extra pop of positivity and cheer. It’s a floral high-five that radiates good vibes, perfect for celebrating those special moments together.

Whether miles apart or down the road, a fresh bouquet from Campbell’s Flowers sends a big, sweet hug that won’t mess up anybody’s hair. Select a bouquet that symbolizes your bond and send a fragrant fist bump to your loved ones.

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