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5 Great College Care Package Ideas

Great College Care Package Ideas

College students prepare to head off to campus soon! This is an exciting time- they’re ready to spread their wings, exert their independence, and start making responsible choices. While we want to see them be successful, we also know that sometimes you need a little help. The experts at Campbell’s Flowers have put together a list of items your student will love to find in their next care package from you!

Bright sunshine bouquet of roses, daisies, and chrysanthemums in a smiley-face mug

Remind Students of Home

Give students a sweet reminder that they are loved and missed when you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a cool succulent plant design sent directly to them in their dorm or college apartment.

Celebrate your student’s success at college with our Be Happy Bouquet With Roses. This cheerful yellow smiley face mug is bursting with sunny yellow and white roses and daisies for a happy welcome to college.


Many succulents in a rustic wooden planter

Up the cool factor in your student’s dorm room with our Southwest Sophistication Dishgarden. This rustic box filled with a variety of low-maintenance succulents will add style, color and a fresh touch of nature to any dorm room or college apartment. Easy to care for and full of texture, this design makes an interesting, appealing gift for your student.

Other Great Gifts

Comfy Sheets/Linens While they may not get much sleep, the sleep students do get will matter! Send something comfy, cozy and thoughtful from home. Grandma’s homemade quilt or your student’s favorite blanket will remind them of the comforts of home. Make sure that when the rest, it’s significant, quality sleep.

Coffeemaker and Mug Stopping by the coffee shop every morning can get expensive. College students and their tight budget will thank you for a coffee maker they can keep in their room! Along with accessories like an insulated travel mug, flavored creamers and a variety of syrups, your student’s coffee station will be stocked to help them start each day successfully.

TV Streaming Device You know they won’t want to miss their favorite shows. Make it possible for them to see what they want when they want with a device for streaming their favorite programs. No more excuses for missing class! They can fit it all in this way.

Bike Relieve your student of unnecessary parking stress with a bike to get them across campus. Most campuses are bike-friendly and the reduced expenses will relieve your student’s budget. Plus a little exercise on the way to class never hurt anyone.

Above all else make sure your student knows what they mean to you and that you miss them. Show how much you care when you send a gift that is practical and meaningful. Your student will thank you and they’ll definitely know you’re thinking about them. Talk to the designers at Campbell’s Flowers for more great ideas about gifts and care packages you can send your college student this fall.