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Fall’s Enchanting Jewel-Toned Flowers

When you want to express your deep affection or gratitude to someone special this season, send them a stunning jewel-toned floral arrangement that is as bold as your feelings for them. Show them intensely how much they mean to you with a fabulous display of deep, bold colors and fresh, fall flowers. The floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers have a wide selection of gorgeous autumn blooms for you to send to your loved one and we’re happy to share them with you! Read More about Fall’s Enchanting Jewel-Toned Flowers »
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A Delicious Fall Entertaining Idea

Fall is the perfect season for making a few changes and introducing new ideas to your entertaining. This fall, Campbell’s Flowers suggests including edible flowers in your dinner party menu to compliment your gorgeous fall centerpiece. Your guests will be delighted and you’ll be the creative genius who brought something new to the table. Read More about A Delicious Fall Entertaining Idea »
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Plants For September

Campbell's Flowers is celebrating September, the officially designated self-care awareness month, by pointing to the wellness benefits of plants. Not only do they oxygenate the air, removing it of toxins, but they also increase humidity, regulate temperature and have been proven to reduce stress and assist in recovery for those who are ailing. In short, plants are the best thing you can buy for yourself right now, if you want a shortcut to feeling better. Read More about Plants For September »
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The First Flowers You Ever Got

Do you remember the first time you ever received flowers from a boyfriend? Maybe it was on a first date, or when he arrived to pick you up for the prom. Chances are it was a bouquet of classic red roses, known for representing love, romance and passion. The emotions behind such a gorgeous gift- not to mention the idea of that cute boy choosing your roses himself- can leave a girl breathless and falling head over heels. That kind of emotion is infused in every bouquet from Campbell’s Flowers & Greenhouses. We create arrangements full of sentiment that you and the object of your affection will feel. Read More about The First Flowers You Ever Got »
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Floral Traditions For All Generations

Giving children and grandparents the opportunity to learn each other and know more about where a different generation is coming from can be one of the best gifts you can give. Bridging that generational gap can allow children and grandparents alike to truly understand the world around them in deeper and more meaningful ways. The floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers encourage you to consider which flowers might evoke a memory or a story from your child’s grandparent. Give your child the gift of knowledge and wisdom and give your parents a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity as you help them develop a relationship, starting with Grandparents Day on the second Sunday in September. Read More about Floral Traditions For All Generations »
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Fresh, White Flowers For Labor Day

While we all love bright, bold colors in our decorating plans, consider trying a fresh approach by choosing a monochromatic approach to decorating. Using only or mostly one color to decorate an entire room is a bold move that can have dramatic results. Using only white to decorate a room in your home or office can allow for a pop of color here and there, or simply provide a fresh, clean look to any space. The floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers have many all-white arrangements that will have a big impact to all who see them. Read More about Fresh, White Flowers For Labor Day »
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In Praise of Bees

As summer begins to turn into fall, gardens begin to take on a new look. Consider making a few small changes that will attract bees. In the past few decades, the U.S. has seen the bee population steadily decline by 30% every year. Bees are vital, not only to a balanced ecosystem, but also to the resources from which most of our food is derived. If bees continue to disappear, eventually so will our food. However, by including bee-friendly flowers and plants in your garden along with a bit of shade and some water, you will play an important role in saving the bees and increasing their population once again. Campbell’s Flowers encourages you to consider some of our favorite bee-friendly arrangements to display on your porch or outdoor table, as well. Read More about In Praise of Bees »
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Flowers In Every Room

Kitchens are often the main place in the home where social interactions meet memory-making activities. From cooking and baking endeavors to sharing a bottle of wine, the kitchen is the social center of the home. Decorate this special space with gorgeous blooms from Campbell’s Flowers that enhance and complete the entire feel of such an inviting room. Talk to our floral experts today about the best arrangement for you. Read More about Flowers In Every Room »
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Make Your Teacher’s Day With Daisies

As summer winds to a close, teachers return to the classroom to decorate classrooms, write lesson plans, and set up for a new school year. With the hope of success, they attend countless meetings and bring in supplies for their new students. This year, why not tell your new teacher “Thank You” for all their hard work at the start of the year? Bring beautiful flowers or a gift from Campbell’s Flowers on Back-to-School night or on the first day of school to let your teacher know you appreciate how hard she’s already working to help you be successful. Read More about Make Your Teacher’s Day With Daisies »
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A Bouquet Of Floral Festivals For You

We all know flowers have the power to lift spirits and brighten someone’s day. While having a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers can truly make your day, there’s really nothing like participating in a festival celebrating all things floral. Fortunately, the floral enthusiasts at Campbell’s Flowers have found a few festivals nearby that will bring you and flowers together beautifully. Read More about A Bouquet Of Floral Festivals For You »
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