Campbell's Flowers

Campbell's Flowers

Posted by campbellsflowers on February 19, 2018 | Last Updated: July 5, 2018 Flowers

Beautiful Flowers That Matter

No matter the occasion, flowers make it more meaningful. And yet there are some moments that matter a bit more than others—a first dance with someone, the arrival of a baby, your first dinner in a new home. Campbell’s Flowers recognizes that not every occasion for floral giving is going to fall into one category; in fact, the flowers that matter the most are often in celebration of moments unique to you and the recipient.

For those times, you’ll want to think about what the moment means and what it calls for, as well as the kind of emotion you want to express in giving them. Do you feel grateful and happy? Are you offering your congratulations and admiration? Are you offering an apology?

Spend some time thinking about what this moment means to you, and how you’d like your recipient to remember it later. One thing flowers do really well is turn moments into memories. Think of how you remember the flower your first crush pressed into a book for you, or the corsage you wore to prom. When you remember that flowers have this kind of power, you think carefully about how to give them and when.