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Posted by campbellsflowers on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 10, 2021 Birthdays Flowers

Birthstone Bouquets & Florals

birthstone bouquets2017 is here, with a year full of birthdays to celebrate! This year, how about recognizing each of the special people in your life with birthstone bouquets? These colorful and meaningful arrangements combine the beauty of birthstones and flowers and are sure to impress those you love. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, look no further than Campbell’s Flowers. Our professional floral designers will be happy to create a bouquet brimming with sentiment.

February birthstone bouquetsEach month of the year has a birthstone, and birthstone bouquets are designed to celebrate all of the unique aspects of the gems. Each stone can be reimagined into flowers – for instance, January birthdays are represented by the garnet, a deep red stone that inspires floral arrangements of red roses or gerbera daisies. February birthdays enjoy the purple amethyst, and birthstone bouquets overflow with lavender hues. IN March, the aquamarine’s bright blue makes a unique and special arrangement.

April’s diamonds may not have color, but you can celebrate these precious stones by adding lots of bling and shimmer to your loved one’s favorite flowers. In May, reflect the emerald with lush green flowers and plants. The pearl represents our June birthdays and is perfectly expressed with gorgeous white flowers of any kind. By July, the ruby allows us to once again celebrate with red flowers. The August peridot gives us the perfect opportunity to send gorgeous green cymbidium orchids to those we love.

birthstone bouquetsBlue delphinium is a vivid representation of the September sapphire, and white flowers are again appropriate for October’s opal. In November, the unique amber color of the topaz can be expressed through metallic elements, and the year finishes with the turquoise blue of December.

For birthday bouquets or flowers for any special occasion in the new year, call Campbell’s Flowers of Pueblo. Your friends and family will love the fresh, beautiful floral designs that our experts create just for them.