Campbell's Flowers

Campbell's Flowers

Posted by campbellsflowers on April 2, 2018 | Last Updated: July 5, 2018 Plants

Creating A Refreshed Atmosphere This Spring

If you’re striving to create a vibe of Zen calm in your house this spring post-deep clean, look no further than Campbell’s Flowers to help guide you in your selection of plants. Whether you’re coming into alignment with the principles of feng shui or simply looking to introduce more harmony and clarity into your home, plants are an important element in establishing that sense of balance and well-being.

It’s increasingly popular to have lots of plants in the home, from stacking them on planter’s benches to hanging them from the ceiling. They bring an aspect of vitality into your space as well as help clean the air and function as a beautiful piece of organic decor. Our Quiet Expressions hits all of those notes, with its mixed plants nestled in a modern rectangular bamboo box.

The simplicity and beauty of this piece makes it one of those items you can display and enjoy from anywhere. It looks graceful in a bathroom, down the center of a dining room table, at the kitchen bar. The rocks add yet another natural element, introducing more texture and yet another reference to the outside world. This serene piece is a wonderful place to rest the eyes, and it will also help to lift the spirit.