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Posted by campbellsflowers on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: June 9, 2020 Autumn Flowers

Decorating for Fall with Dahlias

Dahlias, dahlias, dahlias. The intricate, refined flower is finally getting its due, and just in time for Fall, a season where the bloom looks particularly fetching. Available in a host of rich, wine tones, dahlias add a unique touch to floral arrangements and pick up on the desert hues we here in Pueblo love so much. At Campbell’s Flowers, we’re living in the moment, decorating for Fall with dahlias and putting together designs so you can too.

There are always reasons to send flowers, but in Fall, those chances increase. Tis the season of giving and gathering, so whether it’s for an office party, a new love, a hostess gift or a holiday party, dahlias make the perfect statement.

Take our Autumn Sunrise Bouquet, which is bursting with character. Fiery orange dahlias contrast with that other Fall staple the mum to gorgeous effect. Roses contribute the fragrance, while berries, Fall leaves and greens spill forward in a lush display of autumn’s abundance.

Best of all, the striking design is set in a hand-glazed, food-safe stoneware measuring cup, making the entire piece as functional as it is beautiful. With this year’s “it” flower standing front and center, bouquets like this from Campbell’s Flowers feel modern, graceful, and still within the spirit of Fall.