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Campbell's Flowers

Posted by campbellsflowers on April 16, 2018 | Last Updated: July 5, 2018 Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day Is Growing Some Flowers

Campbell’s Flowers looks forward to Earth Day, which orbits back around on April 22. Our Pueblo community will join the rest of the world in a global effort to promote environmental awareness and good stewardship of the planet. We’ll busy ourselves with recycling drives, environmental fairs, parades, runs, clean-ups and plantings. We’ll do our best to be outside in nature, marveling at the abundant natural resources and riches our planet gives to us. And we’ll be teaching our youngest citizens not only to care about the Earth but how to.

What better tribute to our beautiful planet than to bring its dazzling flowers and plants into our homes? Our Spring Equinox makes a charming seasonal and Earth Day centerpiece, with lily, tulip and other favorites giving off a festive feeling. Gathering with friends and family on Earth Day is a wonderful way to celebrate and to make environmental consciousness an important part of our lives.

Our own patch of the Earth is wonderful to tend, especially when we cultivate gardens or make having plants and flowers a habit in our homes. It’s important to feel connected to Mother Nature and terra firma all year long so that we take great care of our planet 365 days of the year.