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Campbell's Flowers

Posted by campbellsflowers on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer

Flowers In Every Room

Kitchens are often the main place in the home where social interactions meet memory-making activities. From cooking and baking endeavors to sharing a bottle of wine, the kitchen is the social center of the home. Decorate this special space with gorgeous blooms from Campbell’s Flowers that enhance and complete the entire feel of such an inviting room. Talk to our floral experts today about the best arrangement for you.

To create an engaging and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen, add a bowlful of sunflowers! Our Sunny Sunflowers are delivered in a clear glass bubble bowl wrapped in grape vine for a whimsical and cheerful effect. Not too big or showy, this arrangement fits perfectly on the kitchen counter or island to be enjoyed by everyone who passes through. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen for an inviting addition that warms hearts and souls.

Sunflowers in a glass vase

Choosing a beautiful arrangement of flowers for your kitchen counter can be the finishing touch to a room that never shuts down. When you’re entertaining a kitchen-full of guests that feel like family, make the atmosphere as comforting and inviting as possible. The floral artisans at Campbell’s Flowers have some excellent designs to reflect your style and lend a soft touch to this personable space.