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Celebrate Friends & Sisters on National Sisters Day

National Sisters DayThe month of August gives us the opportunity to celebrate two of life’s most special relationships. National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day are both observed on August 6.  And whether you have a very special sister who is also your best friend or a best friend that you love like a sister – Campbell’s Flowers has all the floral designs that you will need to celebrate them with style.

Did You Know? The traditional flower of friendship is the yellow rose.  For a gorgeous gift that is also full of meaning, choose to have a bouquet of these bright beauties delivered right to her door. If she has favorite flowers, send them along with a few yellow roses mixed in for the perfect summer arrangement.
national sisters day

Growing up with a close sibling relationship – or an inseparable friend – is actually quite beneficial to social development. From the earliest years, these strong bonds help us to navigate relationships and understand proper social behavior. They also give us a safe place to explore our own boundaries and try new things.

Later in life, these relationships continue to influence our behavior. For instance, people who have a positive relationship with their sisters when young are generally happier and more optimistic as adults.  Another characteristic of sisters is that they are also more charitable people overall – a fact most likely explained by having to share so much with each other as children!
National Sisters DayIf your sister lives here in Pueblo – or has moved across the miles – your bond is still as strong as ever. Let her know that you appreciate all of the love, loyalty, and friendship over the years, with a beautiful floral design from Campbell’s Flowers.