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Unique & Trendy Homecoming Flowers

homecoming flowers

Homecoming weekend is fast approaching at Pueblo area high schools and universities. Events include football games, tailgate parties, voting for the King and Queen, and of course, the homecoming dance. Although each school has their own traditions, flowers generally play an important role in most of them. Corsages are given to football player’s moms and member of the homecoming courts; while boutonnieres in school colors are often worn by coaches and favorite teachers. Alumni may also don decorative flowers, but it is at the homecoming dance that these flowers really shine.

Corsages and boutonnieres have a history dating back nearly two hundred years, but there is no rule that states that your homecoming flowers have to look like something your grandparents would wear! In fact, the floral designers at Campbell’s Flowers love to create trendy and unique designs which are exciting and contemporary – so what is your homecoming style? Here are a few tips to really stand out at the big dance. 

homecoming flowers

It All in the Wrist: Half bracelet and half corsage, the wristlet is a modern version of the traditional flowers. You can choose beads, rhinestones, ribbons and more to create a unique piece of floral jewelry.

Choose Colors: In the past, people have tried to match the color of the dress perfectly to the flowers. But contrasting colors and complimentary color palettes allow you to really show off your flowers, and they make a distinctive fashion statement.

homecoming flowers

Be a Standout: There is no doubt that a traditional rose corsage is elegant and beautiful. But if you have a bit more adventure in you, ask us to recommend in-season flowers that you may not expect, like dendrobium orchids. Or perhaps, accents like berries, feathers, or thistle will express the perfect look.

Trust the Experts: You may have found the perfect corsage on Pinterest. But those flowers may be out of season, or the style may not match your chosen dress. We will take everything into account – the look you love, the dress you’ll be wearing, and what is freshest in the shop – and create a one of a kind corsage that none of your friends will have.

homecoming flowers Homecoming is one of our cherished life memories, and Campbell’s Flowers is here to make sure those memories are as beautiful as possible.

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