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Posted by campbellsflowers on August 12, 2018 Flowers Summer

In Praise of Bees

As summer begins to turn into fall, gardens begin to take on a new look. Consider making a few small changes that will attract bees. In the past few decades, the U.S. has seen the bee population steadily decline by 30% every year. Bees are vital, not only to a balanced ecosystem, but also to the resources from which most of our food is derived. If bees continue to disappear, eventually so will our food. However, by including bee-friendly flowers and plants in your garden along with a bit of shade and some water, you will play an important role in saving the bees and increasing their population once again. Campbell’s Flowers encourages you to consider some of our favorite bee-friendly arrangements to display on your porch or outdoor table, as well.

Bring bees to your garden by adding sunflowers, roses, and lilies as seen in our Summer Fields arrangement. These bright yellows, oranges and pinks are especially attractive to bees, as well as the single-petal design of each flower and the fragrant scents. What a beautiful way to make a difference.

A healthy yard or garden includes pesticide-free, eco-friendly flowers that will encourage bees to safely work and thrive. Talk to the floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers about more ways you can be purposeful about helping the bee population in your own backyard.