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National Puppy Day Celebrations

National Puppy Day National Puppy Day is in its 10th year, and although there may not be official festivities, there are individual celebrations all over the country. Every time a puppy is adopted from a shelter or rescued from an abusive or neglectful situation, it is a reason to celebrate! There is a serious canine overpopulation problem in the United States, with over 70,000 puppies being born annually – but nearly 4 million dogs surrendered to shelters each year as well. Although puppies have a better chance of being adopted than older dogs, they are still vying for attention from puppy mills and for-profit breeders. National Puppy Day aims to encourage people to visit their local Pueblo shelter when considering a new furry member of the family, in order to give them the life they deserve.
National Puppy DayAnna, a “rescue mom”, shares ““He has been a really great addition to our family. I think adopting from a shelter is the best idea. There are so many wonderful facilities filled with lovable dogs (and cats) that need a forever home – even fostering is helpful to the cause.”

“I know they love me, and that is a wonderful feeling. I know they are thankful to us for giving them a second chance and a wonderful home life.”

National Puppy DayMany people mistakenly believe that shelter dogs may have behavioral problems, but in fact, most of the animals were surrendered because of their owner’s circumstances, not their demeanor. Shelter dogs are often highly socialized and are generally wonderful with children and other animals – not to mention excited to have a home! If you have any concerns whatsoever about any of the animals, just ask one of the dedicated volunteers or workers – they are passionate about finding the right new family for every shelter dog.

If you are looking to thank those who are committed to making these dog’s lives better, or you simply want to congratulate someone on their new “fur baby”, call Campbell’s Flowers. We have the perfect floral arrangements, green and flowering plants, and unique gifts to commemorate all of your life’s most special occasions.