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Posted by campbellsflowers on February 12, 2018 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Floral Design Flowers Love & Romance

Roses Done Creatively Are Just Right

Campbell’s Flowers wants you to know that not only is it Valentine’s Day is basically a minute, but the whole of February is Creative Romance Month. No pressure or anything.

If you’re feeling like you want to do right by both, look no further than some of the designs we have on offer. We know exactly how to jazz up the usual red roses so that they feel fresh, unexpected, and modern.

It’s easy to give red roses in a way that no one has ever seen before. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our Be Loved Bouquet. Here we’ve got V-Day’s signature flower mixed in with carnations and daisies in exactly the same color, which gives texture and interest and just feels really modern. The best part? We’ve put it all in a container that pretty much says it all. It’s often how you present your flowers that make all the difference.

This design has a lot going for it, in that it mixes the traditional with the modern. It’s a nice, tightly-controlled shape making use of one palette and a lot of texture to make its point. But that You & Me at the bottom spells it out in a cute, youthful way, bringing this piece around to showstopper status.