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Spring Daisies, Birthdays & Celebrations

spring daisies

Spring daisies are an iconic symbol of the season. The familiar white ray petals surrounding the yellow center are synonymous with purity, innocence, and carefree attitudes, This popular flower is also the birth flower of April, and so selecting this flower for all of your birthday bouquets is an appropriate choice. Call Campbell’s Flowers today to discuss all of your options with a professional floral designer – with over 23,000 varieties, there is more to the daisy than meets the eye.

How Many Flowers Do You See? Daisies are known as “composite flowers”, that is they are actually made up of many smaller flowers, called florets. The “petals” are actually ray florets, and the golden center disk is comprised of tiny, tubular single florets. spring daisies

A favorite of floral designers are the daisies of the Gerbera genus. These cheerful flowers can exhibit flowers 7 inches across, have sturdy, cut stems, and come in a wide range of colors –  from light to dark yellows and oranges, to vivid pinks, and scarlets.  Unlike their classic white and yellow cousins, these flowers do not close up in the evening – meaning they are perfect for indoor floral arrangements.

Fast Fact:  Even given their wide range of colors, there are no blue or purple gerbera daisies.

spring daisiesBecause of their vibrant countenance, gerbera daisies can either be used as a bright stand-alone arrangement or can be combined with other spring flowers for a colorful display. Roses, mums, and carnations complement these flowers well.  Looking for an exquisite color palette? Try blending pink gerbera daisies with orange roses or green cymbidium orchids, for luxurious color schemes that will make unforgettable birthday bouquets.

If you wish to send a spring arrangement to all your birthday celebrants in April, simply call Campbell’s Flowers. Throughout Pueblo and beyond, we are your most professional and experienced choice for floral design.