Our History

Dedicated to Making a Difference

Shops that have been around for over a century are few and far between, yet we're lucky enough to be one. Campbell's Flowers began as Fleischer's House of Flowers in the 1890s, with a single glass greenhouse and simple storefront to its name. The Fleischers family lived at the site, growing everything they sold as well as a legacy at the same time.

In 1956, brothers Fred and Jim Campbell bought the business from the Fleischers, changing the name to Campbell's Flowers & Greenhouses. The original family had a reputation for growing and offering flowers and plants of the highest quality. That, the Campbell brothers kept.

Over the next 21 years, the Campbells expanded their operation to meet the increasing demand for floral and garden products. In 1977, they sold the business to Gary and Mardi Stanifer, who continued the expansion of Campbell's Flowers, opening second and third locations to serve even more of the Pueblo, CO, community. In 2010, Gary sold the shop to son Zachary Stanifer, ensuring that Campbell's would remain a true family business.

Today, Zack is the owner and general manager of Campbell's Flowers, continuing the tradition of providing exceptional florals and plants along with outstanding customer service. And while its present success can be measured by its growing footprint (50,000 square feet of on-site heated greenhouse), rich stock of plant products (500,000 square feet of blooming, foliage, and bedding plants, perennials, and woody ornamentals), and abundance of cut flowers (1,000 square feet of refrigerated space, to be precise), the best measurement comes from our customers. For decades and generations, they keep coming back, their lives enriched by our home-grown goodness.