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A Guide to Fall Flowers and Trendy Fall Colors

From fashion to home decor, each season offers a specific color palette that coincides with Mother Nature’s seasonal hues. For instance, we find bright, uplifting, and tropical colors in the summertime, warm, dark, and moody tones in the winter, and light, fresh, and subtle pastels in the spring. The autumn season is no exception to this rule and the trending hues can often be spotted right outside your window. Between the leaves on trees, autumn crops, and your favorite fall flowers, you do not have to look very far to find out what’s trending this season. To make things even easier, the experts here at Campbell’s Flowers, the best florist in Pueblo, are taking a look at popular autumn blooms and the seasonal hues they inspire.

What Colors Are in Season?


Red roses evoke feelings of romance and remind many people of beautiful date nights with your sweetheart. And while these blooms are perfect for many occasions throughout the year, when grouped with white roses, yellow roses, and orange roses, they transform into an amazing autumn flower. An arrangement of fall roses that include the hues of the season, is surely a brilliant addition to any space.


Chrysanthemums present a naturally wide color palette to autumn. From front porches and gardens to nurseries and farmer’s markets, you can certainly find white, red, lavender, purple, yellow, and orange chrysanthemums this season. These daisy-like blooms are a classic sign that fall has arrived and symbolize longevity, joy, and happiness.


The many colors of sunflowers often fly under the radar. However, this fall, sunflowers are helping paint a lovely picture with some of your favorite autumn hues. In addition to everyone’s favorite sunny yellow flower, sunflowers can bloom in tints of natural brown, deep red, stylish purple, sweet pink, and pure white.

Craspedia Billy Balls

Craspedia Billy Balls are unmistakable as they add a fun, quirky, and crisp element to any fall flower arrangement. Their clean stem, perfectly round shape, and bright yellow color make them a simple yet uplifting and dynamic addition. Enjoy these flowers as accents in your favorite bouquet or in a bunch of their own to brighten up your autumn home decor.


Marigolds are a true treasure of fall and a sign that autumn has begun. Their golden yellow and warm orange petals are full and almost pom-pom-like, similar to those of carnations. Seen in a variety of autumn floral arrangements, marigolds are an ideal bloom to help celebrate fall birthdays as they are also the official birth flower for October.

From autumn sweaters to fall foliage and hot lattes to the glow of a fireplace, there are numerous places to find the trending colors of the season while experiencing the warm and comforting feels of autumn. However, flowers offer all of these things as well as their mood-boosting and positively uplifting vibes. To enhance your space this fall, display a stunning seasonal centerpiece, or surprise your Thanksgiving host with fresh autumn blooms, look no further than Campbell’s Flowers.

Along with joy, this cornucopia carries an abundance of beautiful fall flowers and foliage. A stunning centerpiece or inviting entryway display, this beauty will be at home anywhere in the house.

Classic Cornucopia

Bursting from an enchanting white ceramic pumpkin, this fabulous fall mix of roses and mums is a magical addition to your autumnal gatherings!  Orange roses, orange alstroemeria, miniature maroon carnations, and yellow viking daisy spray chrysanthemums are accented with white waxflower, red cottage yarrow, huckleberry, grevillea, brown copper beech, and yellow preserved oak leaves. Delivered in an Enchanted Harvest Pumpkin. Approximately 17" W x 12 1/2" H

Enchanted Harvest Bouquet