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All About Spring Flowers

Our Pueblo florists at Campbell’s Flowers can’t wait to help you celebrate spring! We’ve fully stocked our flower shops with seasonal blooms, and our fresh designs are ready to go. There’s no better way to instantly brighten your home or freshen up an office than with a vase full of fragrant spring flowers.

Fun Facts on Spring Flowers

This year, spring officially begins on the vernal equinox on March 19th. Spring flowers don’t know that it’s the equinox, but they can sense the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer, and this prompts them to wake up from their winter slumbers and start growing.

The United States starts spring on the vernal equinox, but other parts of the world base the seasons on the lunar calendar. In Japan, they take their cue from the flowers themselves, and they don’t start spring until the cherry blossoms, their national flower, have begun to bloom.

Delicate roses, tulips and carnations fill a graceful vase with a cheerful expression of your love.

Full of Love Bouquet

When Do Flowers Bloom in Spring?

The first flowers of the year start blooming before spring, even in cold, snowy climates. Lenten roses, crocuses, and snowdrops push their way through the frost to show their colors as early as late January. Other early spring flowers start blooming near the end of March. These include hyacinths, tulips, pansies, and daffodils. Late spring blooms don’t come out until May or June and include flowers like lilacs, roses, and peonies.

Some of the Most Popular Spring Flowers

So many flowers bloom in spring that it’s tough to choose favorites. The following are some of the most popular for spring, thanks to their beauty, fragrance, or symbolic meanings.


Yellow Daffodils


1. Daffodils

These happy-looking flowers have trumpet-shaped faces in sunny yellow, orange, and white. They’re synonymous with spring, as they also symbolize rebirth and renewal.





Pink Tulips


2. Tulips

No list of popular spring flowers or spring bouquet would be complete without tulips! Tulips bloom in just about every color of the rainbow in an endless number of varieties. In general, they represent love, but different colors have different meanings. For example, yellow tulips symbolize happy thoughts, and red tulips represent true love. Whatever they mean, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of jelly-bean-colored tulips in the spring.




Assorted Roses


3. Roses

Roses are popular all year, but they’re in-season during spring. This means they’re at their most beautiful, freshest, and most affordable during the season. Roses of all colors have different symbolic meanings. Orange roses represent passion, yellow is for friendship, pink shows gentle admiration, red equals romance, and lavender is for love at first sight.




Pink Peonies


4. Peonies

Peonies don’t bloom until very late in the season, which might be why they sometimes represent bashfulness. These full flowers come in a variety of blush shades and are perfect for a wedding, as they also represent happy marriage, romance, honor, prosperity, and compassion.





Pink Azaleas


5. Azaleas

With their soft, lovely blooms in shades of warm hues, azaleas represent femininity. This blooming shrub makes a beautiful gift as a potted plant, but azalea blooms are also popularly used in bouquets.







6. Lilacs

Lilacs don’t bloom until the end of the season. These shrubs can grow up to 15 feet tall and fill an entire neighborhood with their signature scent. In shades of pink, purple, blue, and white, lilacs respectively symbolize love, happiness and tranquility, spirituality, and purity.







7. Daisies

Daisies also don’t show their happy faces until the end of spring. These cheerful blooms have white petals and bright-yellow centers, and they’re the perfect choice for Mother’s Day, as they symbolize motherhood and childbirth.




Get Ready to Welcome Spring with Seasonal Flowers and Blooming Plants

If you’re celebrating a spring birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, or are happy to say your goodbyes to winter; spring flowers are the perfect way to go! Whether you want a seasonal bouquet with tulips, freesia, lilacs, daisies, or something else, our florists at Campbell’s Flowers are here to help.