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Posted by campbellsflowers on November 28, 2016 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Christmas

All About the Holiday Poinsettia

The poinsettia is the classic flower of Christmas. As one of the most popular decorations of the holiday season, there is a good chance that you will see quite a few of the vibrant blooms everywhere you turn. But where you buy your poinsettias can make all the difference in the beauty of your decor.

At Campbell’s Flowers, we have been growing our own poinsettias on site for over 50 years, and are proud to provide you with the highest-quality plants possible. Our poinsettias do not have to be packaged and shipped – guaranteeing that they arrive fresh to you, straight from our greenhouse. Giving locally grown poinsettias ensures that you are getting a healthier, longer-lasting plant that will thrive long after the gifts have been opened.Although you may be familiar with the sight of the holiday poinsettia, we thought that we would share a few interesting facts you may not know about this seasonal flower.

Poinsettias are native to Mexico, where they are known as “Flores de Noche Buena” – the “flowers of the holy night”. They are so called because of a Mexican legend which told of a peasant girl who wished to bring a gift to the Christ child. Poor and without the ability to obtain an offering, she laid weeds at the feet of the child to honor Him. Because of her pure love, the weeds instantly transformed into the beautiful poinsettia plant.

  • Another Christian tradition links the poinsettia with the Star of Bethlehem, due to the unique shape of its leaves.
  • Poinsettias are known for exhibiting a rich red color, but they also grow in shades of white and pink.
  • The red or white “petals” of the poinsettia are actually the leaves of the plant, also called “bracts”. The small yellow clusters in the center of the bracts are its true flower.
  • Poinsettias are sensitive yet resilient – they may drop a few leaves when you bring them home as they adapt to their new environment, but they grow easily with minimal care.
  • To keep a poinsettia thriving, keep in 65-75 degree temperatures during the day (a bit cooler at night), and water the soil when it is dry, draining any excess water to protect the roots.
holiday poinsettia
holiday poinsettia

Holiday poinsettias range in size from small, desktop varieties to large blooms appropriate for commercial planters. They make wonderful gifts for colleagues, for family, and for the host of the holiday party. For all your holiday gift giving needs, from gorgeous florals to traditional decorative wreaths, you need only browse Campbell’s Flowers holiday gift guide. We will deliver your gifts across Pueblo and across the country – you can trust our expertise, professionalism and holiday spirit! Call us today, and let’s check every item off your list.