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Charm Your Loved Ones with These Great Thanksgiving Host Gifts

This is the time of year for getting together with and appreciating your friends and family. If you’re invited to spend Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or another special meal at someone else’s home, this year, don’t forget to bring a hostess gift. Our expert florists at Campbell’s Flowers, serving the Pueblo area, has put together a list of great host gifts that’ll be perfect no matter who’s hosting your Thanksgiving celebration.

Perfect Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Host Gifts

A host or hostess gift is the best way to thank your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving host for their hospitality. Even if you’re attending a potluck-style dinner, it’s still an awful lot of work to prepare one’s home, kitchen, and dining table for guests. Show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift for your hostess.

1. Friendsgiving

purple candle lit with whitel pumpkin next to it


Friendsgiving is all about celebrating the people whom you choose to love — your group of best buddies! Friendsgiving is just like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s just for friends. It’s sometimes celebrated the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or sometime during the week after. Although Friendsgiving usually features a sit-down dinner, it’s typically less formal than other Thanksgiving dinners, so fun is always on the table.

  1. Bright and cheery holiday flowers
  2. A game to play after dinner (be sure the rules don’t limit the number of players)
  3. A basket of spa items like bath salts and oils so your friend can relax after playing host
  4. A set of funny fridge magnets to brighten up the kitchen
  5. A pair of fuzzy socks or mittens to stay warm in the colder weather
  6. A set of kitchen towels featuring festive designs like pumpkins and turkeys
  7. A candle with a seasonal scent, so your friend’s home always smells like freshly baked pie

2. Thanksgiving with Your In-Laws

Candlelit Centerpiece – Autumn Gathering

Whether you’ve known them for years or will be meeting them for the first time, it’s essential you show your in-laws how much you appreciate them and their willingness to invite you into their home and family traditions with a thoughtful hostess gift. Unless you know for certain that they really enjoy kitschy items, we recommend sticking with more tasteful choices, like these:

  1. A fancy cheese board with a set of cheese knives or markers
  2. An elegant candlelit floral centerpiece
  3. A pretty box or chocolates or set of jams made in your hometown
  4. An expensive bottle of wine with an accessory like an opener, aerator, or wine glass charms
  5. Whiskey stones and bottle of locally distilled spirits
  6. A set of high-quality serving utensils, since there never seem to be enough of these on Thanksgiving
  7. A stylish essential oil diffuser paired with seasonal scent

3. Thanksgiving with Your Own Family

Lux Soap

If you’ll be heading home or to your grandparents’ house for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s still important to bring a gift. Look for an item you know your parents or grandparents will love or something that will help everyone have a great time on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Activities, like crafts or games, for the kids
  2. Sparkling cider so everyone has a fancy drink for toasting
  3. A homemade pecan or pumpkin pie in a ceramic baking dish shaped like a pumpkin
  4. Hand soap that smells divine, so no one catches your niece’s cold
  5. Gourmet coffee to enjoy with dessert
  6. Toys to occupy the household pets
  7. A potted plant or succulent that’ll show your appreciation throughout the year

The Gift Every Host Will Appreciate — Flowers

If you’re still not sure what to bring your host or hostess, we always recommend flowers. A festive floral arrangement is an appropriate gift for anyone who’s hosting guests in his or her home. We welcome you to stop by a Campbell’s Flowers showroom for help selecting the perfect floral arrangement, potted plant, or centerpiece for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving hostess.