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Creative Ways to Welcome Travelers with Flowers

Being apart from friends and loved ones can make picking them up at the airport even more exciting. As you make plans for the airport reunion and select the perfect flowers that say, “I have missed you” or “it’s great to see you again,” take a few minutes to think about how you will present this thoughtful bouquet to your favorite traveler. While many people enjoy giving flowers right at baggage claim, your friends here at Campbell’s Flowers, the best florist in Pueblo, have a few other ideas to make this moment especially memorable.

How to Surprise Travelers with Blooms

Present Flowers at the Airport

Giving someone a beautifully wrapped bundle of flowers can be exciting for both you and the recipient. As many people enjoy presenting brilliant blooms to loved ones as soon as they walk off the plane, how will you stand out in the crowd? Try planning a fun and creative surprise that will make them grin and giggle as soon as they see you. Make a sign, dress up in a black tuxedo with a hat and goatee, and even stand among other chauffeurs while you play the part.

Spruce Up Your Car

If a public display feels inauthentic to you or juggling flowers in addition to baggage seems awkward or overwhelming, there are many more ways to present brilliant blooms to your friends, family, or significant other while at the airport. Ensure the last leg of their trip is special and turn their car ride into a first-class experience. Fill the front seat with favorite local treats, like snacks and drinks, and of course local flowers.

Decorate Your Home

Planning a fun “welcome” celebration in your home is another exciting way to show your enthusiasm for their arrival into town. As they open the door to your home they can be greeted with a large banner, cute decorations, sweet treats, and of course, their favorite floral bouquet waiting for them on a table. Without the hustle and bustle feel at the airport, you can take your time catching up and enjoy each other’s company.

Tease with a Single Stem

A single rose is one of the most romantic ways to greet a loved one/someone as they deboard their airplane and meet your eyes after a long trip. A single stem is also easy to carry along with their luggage. What’s even more romantic is the full bouquet of fantastic, fresh flowers in a stunning vase that awaits them in your home.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

Having out-of-town guests and visitors is all about making memories together. So, begin their stay by making unique memories with a floral scavenger hunt. Greet them at the airport with a single bloom that has a note tied to it. Guide them with riddles, jokes, clues, words that make up a sentence, etc. as they locate more flowers in the car, around town, at your home, and finally, present them with the full bouquet during lunch or dinner.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

Dinner dates are classic and timeless. They are a way for people to reconnect with one another and share some quality time together over a delicious meal. Whether homecooked or a cherished local restaurant, create the perfect atmosphere with a properly set table, added decor, and a luxurious centerpiece for your favorite traveler.

While choosing the perfect flowers to say “welcome” is an important part of planning a sweet greeting to town, the other piece of the puzzle relies on the presentation. No matter if you decide on something romantic, humorous, or sentimental, your loved ones are sure to be moved by your thoughtfulness. Get inspired while you shop our online catalog of brilliant blooms from your local friends here at Campbell’s Flowers.

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