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Decor & Style Tips for Your Backyard BBQ

Year after year, we all look forward to family cookouts and grilling in the backyard with our dear friends. While there is nothing better than enjoying the company of our loved ones as we consume delicious food and drinks and soak up the summer sun, why not spice things up this year? Aside from trying a new sauce or spice on your burgers and brisket, your friends here at Campbell’s Flowers, the premier florist in Pueblo, have a few fun suggestions when it comes to elevating your outdoor spaces and the decor for your annual bash. With bright blooms that fill guest tables to floral accents that garnish signature drinks, “wow” your guests and celebrate in style with your favorite summer flowers. 

Four Creative Ideas for Spicing Up Your Cookout with Flowers

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Your summer BBQ decor is incomplete without bold, bright, and colorful flowers adorning guest tables, food stations, and dessert displays. Add a burst of energy to the natural colors of the great outdoors with beautiful floral centerpieces and matching accents. Lively hues like orange, pink, blue, red, and purple paired with lush greens are sure to create the perfect pop of color for your backyard cookout.

Select Hardy Blooms

Your favorite go-to blooms, such as roses, may seem like a great idea for stylish centerpieces for your BBQ. However, not all flowers are able to survive the blistering summer sun and heat. As a rule of thumb, always choose hardy florals and greenery to enhance your outdoor bash. Popular favorites include daisies, carnations, pincushions, wax flowers, sunflowers, anthurium, succulents, delphinium, and eucalyptus. In addition to surviving Mother Nature, these arrangements can serve as fresh home decor for you to enjoy inside after your guests have cleared out.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

You cannot have a traditional backyard BBQ without classic and refreshing drinks, from cocktails and soda to Grandma’s iced tea and homemade lemonade. As you stir and serve, why not have some fun and add florals for a unique garnish? While you don’t have to keep all of the petals on reserve for fancy cocktails or drinks like a lavender lemon spritz, give water a new twist by infusing it with fresh fruit and garnish with a sweet flower. Guests will enjoy the creative spin as they sip their favorite party drinks in style. As a friendly reminder, ensure your flowers and plants were properly sourced and recommended for consumption, or speak to your local florist before cooking or garnishing.

Style and Gift Mason Jars

One of the most versatile items to find at a BBQ is Mason Jars. From utensil holders to drinking glasses or filling the inside with string lights for an evening glow, they add a charmingly rustic and nostalgic feel to your summer cookout. Mason Jars also make the perfect vase for displaying summer blooms. Select your favorite bright colored flowers to arrange in the jars and scatter them around your guest tables and food stations. Before the evening comes to a close, a fun idea is to gift these mini arrangements of fresh florals to each guest as a “thank you” and a wonderful reminder of the great time they had.

Grilling and spending time with loved ones is certainly something that needs to be celebrated correctly this year. Since nothing is more special, beautiful, and lovely than bright summer flowers, we are sure your guests will love the additional details and thought put into your decor. Your friends here at Campbell’s cannot wait to help you choose the perfect bold blooms for the occasion.

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