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Top Five Ways to Honor International Women’s Day

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate or honor International Women’s Day, so do it your way! Whether it’s lifting up the outstanding women in your life, making a difference in your community, or chilling out for some self-reflection, add a bit of oomph to your IWD with fresh blooms from Campbell’s Flowers, the top florist in Pueblo. Perfect for every occasion, especially a day filled with empowerment, gratitude, love, and support, flowers are a statement. Warm, vibrant, and inspiring, springtime stems vibe seamlessly with IWD. So, how will you be celebrating and flourishing this year?

Organize a Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser for women-centered charities is the move if the fire within you is burning brighter than ever! Handpick a cause that aligns with your passion, whether smashing gender norms, supporting educational programs, or advocating for women’s rights. It’s your time to make a real difference and radiate some serious girl power. Shining a spotlight on women’s issues and igniting conversations about the work that lies ahead is the first step. Oh, and don’t forget to include brilliant blooms all around your event for that added touch of floral finesse.

Throw a Party

Get ready to party on IWD and give props to the incredible achievements of women! Whether you’re throwing a big shindig or a cozy get-together, a party is where the good times roll. It’s all about crafting that perfect celebratory scene where everyone can chill, groove to the jams, and cheers to their biggest successes and advancements of women. Elevate the vibe with floral magic — from centerpieces to crowns and other fun accessories. Parties and mixers are also prime chances for women to expand their social circles and networks, whether in the spirit of sisterhood, breaking through more glass ceilings, or both!

Plan a Celebratory Brunch

Gather your girls for an IWD brunch, lunch, or dinner out on the town and toast to your accomplishments and dreams that will soon be realities. As you surround yourselves with bouquets of blooms, feast on delectable dishes, sip on your fave cocktail or mocktail, and dive into conversations filled with love and empowerment. When picking the restaurant, choose a local spot run by incredible women –- it’s all about boosting economic opportunities for women and supporting female-led businesses.

Set Personal Goals

IWD is the ideal time to dream big and plot your future adventure. Goals are like your trusty compass, helping you navigate through the world, leveling up at every turn. If you resonate with a cozy night in, maybe with a friend or two, light a candle, pour some tea, display sweet fragrant flowers, open your laptop or journal, and let your imagination run wild. From planning your future life and creating a vision board to plotting how you plan to be the biggest ally for the women in your life, setting goals is one of the most empowering ways we can show up for ourselves — similar to sending yourself flowers.

Send Flowers

If there was ever a perfect time to send flowers to all of your friends, family members, mentors, allies, and strangers on the street, IWD is it! Up your flower game this year and shower the incredible humans who make your world brighter with love and blooms. It’s all about celebrating the power of togetherness and sending messages of support, admiration, gratitude, empowerment, and unity.

IWD is your opportunity to reflect, honor, and enact changes that genuinely matter, one petal at a time. Find the best spring stems for IWD at Campbell’s Flowers.

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