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Five Occasions When Floral Design Classes Shine During the Holidays

As the holiday season gets closer and closer, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation and joy in the air. We decorate our spaces with twinkling lights, host joyful gatherings, and embrace the generous spirit of giving. Amidst these cherished traditions, there’s a fun trend that appeals to everyone, not just minimalists: the growing popularity of “experience gifts.” These thoughtful gifts include things like floral design classes, and they won’t end up forgotten in the rear of a closet. At Campbell’s Flowers, the leading shop in Pueblo, Colorado, we’re sharing five special occasions during the festive holiday season when attending a flower design workshop can enhance your celebrations and create lasting memories.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

Once you’ve all polished off the Thanksgiving turkey and apple pie, it’s time to usher in the Christmas season. Before the weekday routine resumes on Monday, arrange a fun family activity. Gifting a floral design class is a fantastic idea for your loved ones. Why invest in material possessions on Black Friday when you can bond and enjoy being creative? Create vibrant arrangements to add holiday cheer to your surroundings, all while sharing stories, laughter, and creating wholesome memories. As you bid farewell on Sunday, you’ll have a beautiful flower arrangement to ward away your post-Turkey blues.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

Need to get your holiday centerpieces in order or craft a fitting gift for your dinner hosts? Consider a floral arranging class. Look for a design incorporating fresh white blooms, bold red tones, and seasonal elements. To put a unique spin on British tradition, make floral crowns, a more eco-friendly option than paper crowns. Whether you prefer attending a local class by yourself or with good friends, it’s an excellent way to unwind before the festivities kick off. Simply follow the florist’s instructions, and you’ll feel more at ease as you complete another task on your list.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

The whole family can enjoy the meaningful gift of participating in a floral workshop; it brings kids and adults together in the true spirit of purpose, unity, and creativity, which are central to Kwanzaa. Mark the occasion by crafting flower displays for the kinara in Kwanzaa’s symbolic colors: red, green, and black. Complement them with the traditional Kwanzaa fruits and vegetables, such as corn ears and apples. Additionally, you can work as a team to make garlands for mantels, buffet table centerpieces, and arrangements to grace the front door.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

The holiday season is filled with parties, from office functions to gatherings with friends. Whether it’s a corporate gifting experience or a casual get-together, a floral arranging class can make your celebration stand out and provide you with a beautiful keepsake. If the party is at your place, you can maintain the tradition of hosting but add a unique twist by inviting your favorite florist to lead a fun workshop. With yummy holiday treats, cocktails, mocktails, and decor all around you, you can work together on a project like a garland, or each person can create their own unique holiday bouquet.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

When your mother or someone on your holiday gift list is notoriously difficult to shop for, delight them with a floral design class as a gift; it’s an ideal way to create lasting holiday memories. It’s also an opportunity for her to show off her design skills during the limbo week sandwiched between Christmas and New Year’s, surrounded by those who have returned home for the festivities. Make it even more special by including her preferred beverage, whether it’s a bubbly white prosecco, a cabernet, or elegant mocktails served in a glass accented with flowers.

At Campbell’s Flowers, we’re all about the magic of flowers, and this holiday season, we’re excited to share that power with you and your cherished ones. Enrolling in a floral design class guarantees a gift of joy and a boost of holiday cheer.

5 Occasions for a floral design class