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How to Show Your Besties Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance! It’s also a time to celebrate friendships, those we admire, neighbors, and people who touch our hearts every day. As kids, exchanging colorful Valentine’s Day cards and candy with classmates was a tradition most of us looked forward to year after year. However, the older we got, the less Valentine’s Day was about friendships. Here at Campbell’s Flowers, the top florist in Pueblo, CO, is ready to bring back celebrating the friends we love, our besties, neighbors, and even coworkers this Valentine’s Day. To brighten everyone’s day and warm everyone’s hearts, check out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide for BFFs below.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

If you’re looking to reserve roses for your romantic relationship, what flowers are appropriate to send to your best friend? You can never go wrong with yellow blooms for your bestie, even yellow roses, as they signify things like friendship and joy. Other beautiful flowers for your BFF are sunflowers, orchids, hydrangeas, and alstroemeria.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Elegant, graceful, feminine, strong, admirable, harmonious, serene, and peaceful are only a few ways to describe the wonderful women and gals in your life. With each of these adjectives comes a complementary bloom to symbolize it. So, whether you are celebrating the love of your life or your favorite group of girls on Galentine’s Day, turn to blooms in shades of pink, purple, green, and blue.

Gift Ideas for Men

Who says that only women can receive flowers on Valentine’s Day?! Gone are the days of this old-school thinking. The modern man is sure to love and appreciate a colorful, bold, dramatic, and hardy collection of flowers. Carnations, orchids, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and iris are all great choices for a Valentine’s Day surprise for your main man.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day might be extra special this year if your friend or sibling is celebrating as newlyweds or recently engaged! If this is the case, help them enhance their romance by sending the happy couple a big, beautiful bouquet of roses, lilies, or carnations. Set the tone for a cozy night in as your favorite couple celebrates their love for one another and their love and appreciation for you. While you’re playing cupid, consider pairing a floral arrangement with a thoughtful gift.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Having good neighbors is something many of us cherish but can also take for granted. Whether right next door or down the street, quality neighbors always seem to be there for us when we need them the most. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to remind your good neighbors how much they are valued and loved. A bouquet full of peach blooms, like tulips, roses, alstroemeria, or gladiolus, is a great way to symbolize their sweetness and your genuine gratitude.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Valentine’s Day is a phenomenal time to liven up and brighten up the office with your co-workers in mind. Bringing in an exciting bouquet of orange flowers that symbolize passion for work and life, success, and enthusiasm, or a fresh plant to enhance productivity is a thoughtful, brilliant, and warm way to spread love throughout your workplace. We all spend quite a lot of time bonding with our co-workers, and there is no better time than Valentine’s Day to celebrate it.

No matter the occasion, flowers are the perfect gift for anyone on your list, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Whether a luxurious arrangement or an inexpensive bouquet, personalize your gift with a card or the best symbolic blooms to express the right sentiment. Say, “I love you” this year with stunning stems from Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo, CO.