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There are so many reasons to love flowers. Here at Campbell’s Flowers, Pueblo’s top florist, one of our favorite reasons is the hidden symbols and meanings each bloom carries. A floral arrangement sure has a lot to say, from the meaningful gesture itself to the occasions you’re celebrating, and the individual stories connected to each breathtaking flower. For instance, Phalaenopsis Orchids got their nickname of “the moth orchid” after Swedish Naturalist, Peter Osbeck mistook this orchid for a cluster of moths. Cymbidium Orchids, stemming from the Greek word “kymbos” meaning “boat,” were named after their boat-shaped, lower petals.

Aside from their names, the symbolism of orchids can add to the thoughtfulness or even the romance of sending these blooms to loved ones. As Cymbidium Orchids represent morality and valued friendships, they’re a popular choice for friends in China to send to one another. In general, orchids are a perfect choice for mothers, partners, and respected bosses or teachers. Learn why as we dive deeper into the various meanings and symbols of orchids.

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Orchid Meanings and Symbols


Orchids have been linked to fertility dating back to ancient Greece. The Greeks were even known to predict gender utilizing orchid roots. Now, orchids, particularly pink orchids, are a perfect choice as decor for baby showers, baptisms, and some weddings, as a symbol of fertility.


From sweet perfume scents to lovely and unique romantic gestures, orchids are simply charming. It’s no wonder these beautiful blooms symbolize charm. Send these unique flowers to your secret crush or your new sweetheart to bring the “charm” while you stand out.


As a less common flower to express your deep feelings, the orchid is a sensational symbol of love. Pair this bloom with classic red roses or display them alone for your sweetheart. Aside from red orchids, pink, lavender, and purple orchids are perfect choices as they also symbolize passion, elegance, beauty, admiration, and of course, romance.


We often admire flowers for their natural attractiveness, but when these blooms symbolize beauty as well, they become even more cherished. Stemming from the Victorian Era, Europe was one of the most known countries to deeply treasure the appearance of orchid plants. Today, orchids are the perfect flower to give to those you see as beautiful from the inside out.


Along with beauty, the Victorian Ages also influenced the meaning of orchids. As the royal and wealthy families displayed rare orchids in their homes and admired their beauty, this bloom quickly became a symbol of refined taste and luxury. As orchids remain a symbol of refinement, especially purple orchids, they’re often an exquisite gift for those we respect and admire.


While the act of giving flowers is a thoughtful gesture, orchids are a symbol of thoughtfulness thanks to their uncommon and unique qualities. Although this meaning applies to orchids in general, blue orchids carry a significant amount of thoughtfulness as this color bloom represents beauty, uniqueness, and rarity all on its own.

The endearing backstory of orchids makes them a special flower. From their symbolism of charm, love, beauty, refinement, fertility, and thoughtfulness, to their physical attractiveness, they could be the perfect choice for your next celebration. Find the most divine and freshest orchids here at Campbell’s Flowers.