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Make the Most of Valentine’s Day – Order Flowers Early

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. With it comes the opportunity to spend a special, romantic day with your significant other. Our florists at Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo are here to remind you to make the most of your Valentine’s Day by planning ahead to avoid any stress on the actual holiday. We recommend booking dinner reservations early, purchasing gifts ahead of time, and ordering V Day flowers well in advance to create a special Valentine’s Day that goes off without a hitch

lush, loving rose arrangement with pink and red roses

Love Medley Bouquet


Benefits of Ordering Romantic Flowers Early

1. Avoid Anxiety

Nothing induces stress like waiting until the last minute to organize your Valentine’s Day plans and gifts. Waiting means you’ll have to fight crowds and settle for whatever happens to still be left. Making plans and ordering your flowers in advance will allow you to spend Valentine’s Day relaxed and happy in the company of your significant other.

2. Get Your First Choice

Millions of bouquets are sold every Valentine’s Day, which means the most desirable designs, colors, and flowers sell out quickly. Order early to make sure you’re able to get your first choice of flowers delivered to your sweetheart.

24 Crimson red roses in glas vase

Eternal Love Bouquet

3. Build Up the Romance

Ordering and delivering Valentine’s Day flowers before the holiday will build up the anticipation and romance of the day. Your significant other will know the day’s being taken care of and will grow more and more excited while looking forward to it with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

4. Easy Delivery

On the busiest day of the year for florists, flower delivery drivers also have jam-packed schedules. If you wait until the last minute to order your Valentine’s Day flowers, you might not be able to get them delivered at a time that works for your recipient’s schedule. Order early while there are still plenty of delivery slots available.

5. Save Money

In January, flowers are usually sold at a reduced price, and many florists even offer early ordering discount incentives. By ordering Valentine’s Day flowers early, you’ll save a bit of money that you can put toward a fancy, romantic Valentine’s Day evening.

At almost two feet tall, this beautiful mix of red and white roses - accented with Queen Anne's Lace, and adorned with a bold red ribbon

Love’s Divine Bouquet

How Soon Should You Order Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

It’s never too early to order romantic flowers! Our flower shop is fully stocked, and our florists are ready to start creating romantic bouquets. We typically begin receiving Valentine’s Day orders in the middle of January. To make sure you get the best selection, we recommend ordering at least a full week before Valentine’s Day.

Gorgeous Flowers from Your Local Pueblo Flower Shop and Greenhouse

When you order local, you can expect to receive top-notch service and consistently high-quality products. We add our personal touch and approval to every arrangement we create. Plus, you’ll never be hit with unexpected delivery charges or processing fees. Our florists at Campbell’s Flowers and Greenhouse are always available to help you choose the perfect bouquet for your sweetheart! We welcome you to order online, over the phone, or to stop by one of our flower shops.