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Posted by campbellsflowers on August 1, 2017 | Last Updated: July 5, 2018 Love & Romance

Romance Month Arrangements & Bouquets

romance month

National Romance Month is a time to stop and reflect on how romantic you’ve been lately. Sometimes in life, even the most romantic of souls get sidetracked by busy schedules and pressing issues. If you have a love life that hasn’t been given much attention lately, this is a great opportunity to change that. The romance experts at Campbell’s Flowers have some thoughts on a few easy ways to put the spark back in your relationship. 

Romantic Flowers: Giving flowers is one of the most conventionally romantic gestures.  Giving his favorite flowers, or bringing her the same flowers you brought on your first date years ago, is even more romantic! When meaning is attached, the act or gift becomes so much more. You may also wish to choose the flowers which symbolize love. The red rose is the reigning king of romantic flowers, but the red tulip is also thought to make a bold declaration of love. Daisies express innocent, young love; and orange blossoms signify marital bliss. Let the language of flowers express your passion!

Romantic Trivia:  “Ties that bind” is taken literally in some places around the world. In Africa, braided strands of grass are used to tie a couples’ wrists together in a marriage ceremony, while in Mexico a ceremonial rope is placed loosely around the necks of the bride and groom. In the U.S., we tend to bind ourselves with our sweethearts in more of a metaphoric sense. Romantic gestures will “knit” or “bind” his or her heart to yours, especially when the act is something meaningful between the two of you. romance month

This stylish bouquet, Blossoms in Vogue, shown above, is a modern twist on the classic bouquet of roses. Colorful and sleek, your romantic feelings will be clear when you send this design!

 romance monthOur Madly In Love Bouquet With Red Roses featured above, boasts roses in red, pink and purple in a trendy red cube vase. This gorgeous display will tell the person you’re crazy about exactly how you feel!

During National Romance Month, take your romance a step further and show your love with a beautiful bouquet from Campbell’s Flowers. We deliver anywhere throughout the Pueblo area and our professional service is guaranteed!