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Posted by campbellsflowers on November 17, 2017 | Last Updated: November 6, 2020 Christmas

Spice Up Your Office This Season

Torn between giving your boss or colleague a foodie gift or a flower gift? We at Campbell’s Flowers have a solution: give both.

Why not fete your fellow professional with something that can stay on their desk all season long as well as something they can take home and enjoy? Food-related items and flowers make a wonderful pairing, and sometimes they even wind up in the same basket.

The holiday season is all about appealing to the senses. There’s the rich aroma and taste of our home-cooked food; the scent of candles, apple cider and clove; the feeling of bows, ornaments and cozy scarves; the sound of fire crackling in the fireplace. It makes sense that so many of our corporate or workplace gifts tend toward food items or flowers, as both engage the senses and create a feeling of warmth and comfort. And this is why we love to combine both, as with our Berries and Spice arrangement.

Because this comes in a basket, you can arrive like Santa and deposit it on your colleague’s desk. Deep red roses, daisies and carnations are accented by evergreen, the perfect holiday palette. Step aside, poinsettias.

What we love in particular about this design is the addition of the cinnamon sticks. Not only do they mimic bare winter branches, but they capture the essence of the holiday season in their scent. If kept on a desk, the fragrance will linger over your colleague’s work space. They do say cinnamon has many health benefits (it’s the cinnamaldehyde – really!). Have us at Campbell’s Flowers deliver this to your doorstep or straight to your lucky boss or coworker this season for a sensory treat.