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Statement Flowers That Will Make His Valentine’s Day Special

On Valentine’s Day, fresh flowers are a classic choice that brighten your surroundings and enhance your well-being. Scientific research reveals that they reduce stress, foster empathy, and elevate happiness levels — and these positive effects contribute to long-term life satisfaction. Show your love by gifting your partner a beautiful floral arrangement that makes him feel cherished and appreciated. Turn to the expert florists at Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo, Colorado, to create a bouquet that speaks volumes and strengthens your bond.

Gerbera Daisies

Radiant and cheerful, Gerbera daisies are ideal for bringing positivity to your Valentine’s Day floral arrangements. Interestingly, these blossoms were the focus of scientific research that uncovered the positive effects of flowers on men’s communication skills. The study concluded that when men received flowers, they tended to establish more meaningful eye contact and engage in more purposeful conversations. Since Gerbera daisies are available in many hues, you can choose his favorite or create a combination that holds significance in your partnership.


For Valentine’s Day, anthuriums are a chic and vibrant choice in floral arrangements, thanks to their unique heart-shaped blooms and striking white, red, or pink hues. These hardy flowers boast sturdy petals and have a notably prolonged blooming period, ensuring your bouquet stays vibrant for weeks. This ability to thrive for extended periods of time also serves as a loving symbol of your enduring devotion and commitment to your partner.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are known for their tropical nature and exotic charm, which appeal to many guys, as do their vibrant and multicolored blooms. These bold, elegantly-shaped flowers demand admiration for their untamed splendor and energy. They symbolize joy, a beautiful sentiment to add to your partner’s Valentine’s Day arrangement. Gifting him birds of paradise is a distinctive choice that departs from the conventional, expressing your willingness to embrace adventure and the unexpected in your partnership.

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic choice for flower arrangements because they’re universal symbols of love and romance. They’re perfect for expressing your devotion to your boyfriend or husband and showing how much you care for the health of your relationship. Red roses also convey respect and appreciation, signifying the importance of your significant other in your life and heart. You can make the gift more personal by selecting a quantity of flowers with special significance; for example, each can represent a memorable moment or the number of years you’ve been together.


Orchids, known for their elegance, come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Their intricate symbolism makes them a thoughtful choice for showing affection for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Opt for orchids in his preferred hues to express your love for him. For instance, purple orchids represent admiration, and crimson orchids symbolize passion and romance. You can choose one shade or create a meaningful combination with several. Orchids also bring a sense of tranquility, adding a peaceful ambiance to Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men, encapsulating the beauty of nature and the power of your emotional connection. Let the seasoned flower professionals at Campbell’s Flowers help you select the ideal arrangement for your significant other, guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

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