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Warming Your Space with This Season’s Best Red Blooms

There is one thing that fall and winter have in common that makes them two of the most vibrant and joyful seasons of the year – red flowers. This season, turn to your favorite red blooms that fit seamlessly into holiday decorations, tablescapes, and more. The local floral experts at Campbell’s Flowers, the top florist in Pueblo, CO, are highlighting the best of the best when it comes to filling your home with these red beauties.

Why We Love Red Flowers

Did you know red is the color most striking and distinguishable to the human eye? In fact, red is the color that babies are able to see and detect first! It’s not surprising the red blooms are alluring, dramatic, and captivating, creating the ideal pop if color for home decor this season.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Exploring the symbolism behind red hues also opens our eyes to more of its magnificence. From romance and love to strength and courage, even anger and danger, red communicates some pretty powerful and passionate messages. Linked to many positive meanings, red hues can be a warm boost of confidence and motivation to lift our mood and spirits during the fall and winter.

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

Although red itself is a warm hue, each various shade of red can be categorized as warm red or cool red. With warm undertones, like orange and yellow, red becomes radiant and joyful. Warm shades of red convey a positive energy, cheer, and warmth. On the flip side, cool reds with blue and purple undertones express more natural, peaceful, and harmonious feelings.

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


The word amaryllis was derived from the Greek word “amarullis,” which translates to splendor or sparkle. These blooms do a stunning job of both meeting and exceeding our expectations. Their beautiful star-shaped flowers are radiant and strong, symbolizing confidence, determination, and love.


Graceful poppy-like blooms that represent anticipation, sincerity, fragility, and love, anemones are striking yet simple. Their dark centers offer a unique appearance that makes anemones and easy to admire and identify.


As an old, ancient flower, the aster holds a very rich history, including tales of mythological goddesses and gods. Also known as “Michaelmas Daisy,” these blooms have been used as decor for well over 4,000 years.


The second most popular flower is the carnation. With silky petals that bloom in a double layer and have a distinct crinkle effect around the edges, carnations offer a playful, elegant, and fluffy appearance.


The November birth flower and the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” it is challenging to go through the fall season without spotting a few of these popular flowers that represent beauty and joy. From football mums to pompon mums and spider mums to cushion mums, there is a wide variety of chrysanthemums to bring home.


Roses are on the top of the list when it comes to the most popular and favored flowers across the world. As a timeless symbol of romance and love, roses bloom in many different colors and shades of red. As the oldest blooms on earth, dating back approx. 35 million years, roses come with a rich history of medicinal uses, sweet and lovely aromas used for perfumes, and more.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


Poinsettias have become an icon for the holiday season. In some Hispanic cultures, poinsettias have taken on the nickname “Flores de Noche Buena,” which translates to “Flowers of the Holy Night.” With their big, star-shaped, ruby-red leaves, these plants are a symbol of goodwill and community spirit.

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Although anthuriums are tropical and exotic flowering plants, they are loved for their long life. Swapping delicate petals for a showy and waxy vibrant bloom that surrounds a yellow spadix, these red flowers are one-of-a-kind. Red anthuriums are also great for the fall and winter seasons as you entertain guests or attend dinner parties, as they represent hospitality and happiness.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus, otherwise known as schlumbergera, is a popular houseplant that produces captivating shades of red, pink, or white blooms. This flowering succulent plant is a favorite for fall and winter, making it a lovely holiday gift that is easy to care for and can thrive for decades.


Another seasonal holiday succulent is the kalanchoe blossfeldiana, more commonly known as the Christmas kalanchoe. You may recognize this popular plant by its charming red flowers that bloom around the time our autumn days get shorter and the nights grow longer.


Make your home warm and bright this season with a tropical, contemporary, and cheerful bromeliad. Their unique and unmistakable shape and flowering center represent passion and joy, and their deep history dates back to the earliest of eras.

Winterberry Holly

An iconic representation of winter and Christmas, the small red berries of winterberry holly establish an enchanting, timeless, and dreamy look for holiday decor. During the autumn months, after the lively green leaves of winterberry holly transition to a golden yellow and float to the ground, thousands of berries are exposed and ready to be appreciated.

From their pop of colors and radiant energy to inspiring symbolism, red blooms will warm your home and your soul this season. To elevate your favorite festive decorations, browse the alluring collection of red flowers here at Campbell’s Flowers in Pueblo.
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