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Why Hanging Planters Are Awesome

Elevate your home’s style with cascading or flowering plants with hanging planters. There are many benefits of having hanging plants in your home, such as adding charm and a garden feeling filling those unused spaces. Plus, the numerous health benefits of plants and flowers in your home make hanging planters a win-win situation. Here at Campbell’s Flowers, we love all things blooming and green and we love hanging planters because they are a great way to freshen up your home. Read more for some hanging planters care tips and ideas.

Indoor Hanging Planter Ideas

From choosing the type of plant you want, it’s color, shape, watering needs, etc., to selecting the container and the hanger, there are just so many fun and fascinating ways to start a hanging planter garden in your home. You may only start off with one, but they’re so charming and elegant, you’ll find you’ll want more.  Some common hangers are made from, chains, rope, or even macramé –  which is making a comeback. The material of the hanger is just one element. Next, you need to choose a container which can range from wood, bamboo, or wicker to ceramic, plastic, wire or even tin paint cans. Once you have your container, you can decorate it if you want to with paint, beads, ink, etc.

Good Plants for Indoor Hanging Planters

When choosing the type of plant you want for your indoor hanging planter, first determine the shape, color, and style you’re looking for. Do you want a long, cascading type plant or a more rounded, full-looking plant?  The next thing to consider is where you are placing the hanger and if it’s in a mostly sunny or shady spot. Once you have this information, then you can select the right type of plant that will thrive in those conditions. For mostly sunny spots, good bets are plants such as Lantana, Moss Rose, Verbena, and Million Bells. For shadier areas, Impatiens, Boston Fern, English Ivy, and Fuchsia plants are a good bet.

How to Care for Hanging Planters

Hanging plants can be trickier to care for because they tend to dry out quicker than their counterparts in the ground. A few rules are to make sure your plant’s container has drainage holes, add water when the topsoil is dry to the touch, and fertilize on a regular basis. Trimming, deadheading, and pruning also help keep your plants looking good.

DIY Hanging Planters

Hanging planters you purchase will come in their own container that you can change out or just place in a larger, more decorative pot of your choosing. Regarding the type of hanger, there are many options to choose from like repurposing wires or chains or even weaving your own decorative cloth hanger. For a few terrific ideas and to get your creative thoughts flowing, check out our Pinterest board here.