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Posted by campbellsflowers on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers

Why You’ll Fall in Love with English Garden Style Flowers

A once niche style is becoming a lot more popular as the move for more natural “everything” is the trend these days. The English Garden Style type of arrangement, once mostly used in weddings or more formal occasions, is a design now coveted by everyone – and we don’t blame them. It’s a gorgeous, abundant display of all seasonal blooms arranged in a manner as nature intended. It’s as if you just cut fresh flowers from the English Cottage garden you were just walking through.

English Country Cottage

Here at Campbell’s Flowers, we can work with you to create the English Garden Style bouquet of your dreams. Whether for a special moment or just have a touch of the charming English countryside in your home, this is a style you’ll want all the time!

Pink English Roses Blooming

English Garden Style Components

When picturing the lush abundance and colorful variety of plants and flowers in an English cottage garden, you’ll notice its irregular, overflowing shape and how Mother Nature has paired things that grow well together. This is the essence of the English garden style. Composed of only plants and flowers that bloom at the same time, this style captures the essence and beauty of things “left alone.” In opposition to the formal and stylized gardens of Victorian estates, the English cottage gardens are overrun, irregularly-shaped, and overflowing with nature’s glorious bounty of blooming plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. 

Good spring vibes resonate from this gorgeous design! Yellow Lilies, Blue Delphinium, Yellow Gladiolas and Curly Willow accentuate this wild spring look.

Yellow Maria

Typically including large, burgeoning blooms such as roses, dahlias, and peonies, along with flourishing vertical accents like larkspur, foxglove, and delphinium, the English Garden style arrangement also has plenty of greenery to add to the lushness and “just from the garden” look. Placed in an oval or round shape, the flower colors range from bright and varied to mostly from a pastel-palette. 

This magical bouquet will be at home in a cottage, a condo, a studio or an estate. It's so pretty it will be appreciated by all those lucky enough to receive it. Enchant someone today!

Enchanted Cottage

Perfect for Every Occasion

The English Garden Style is so varied, natural, fresh, and bountiful, that it truly is perfect for any occasion. Personally, we love the charm it adds to our home and the good feelings it gives our friends and family. Be sure to get yours today!

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden